Got Spam? Make Money If You Are Quick

It must come as no surprise that Spammers manipulate money markets. But until I read that article I did not realise just how much of a percentage the spammer could make.

So I did a straw poll of my last 20 or so stock spam emails and looked at the online history. Fair enough, the difference is 4-6% over the period, I am always amazed about human nature. But then I realised that the time at which I received the spam emails was usually on the upcurve, so again with my small sample I concluded that I too could make 2-4% from selected scams.

I am going to carry on watching the stock spam alerts and seeing if there is a significant pattern here. I am not planning on putting my money where my mouth is, as that would be profiting from the stupidity of spam victims. But if you were an anti-spam vigilante and you needed funding it might be a good source of income.

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