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Trustin Lee has release two projects recently:

The launcher is pretty standard stuff really. Useful in what it does, enough said.

The Maxine JMX kernel is a good idea. JMX is underused at the moment, and when it is used it is normally only in conjunction with the popular application servers like Weblogic or JBoss. What Trustin has done is take a common JMX usage scenario "configuration" and provide an implementation of this that will run outside an application server. This is not as simple as it sounds, as there are two tricky aspects to this - firstly the classloading and secondly persistence.

My initial thoughts on Maxine were "wow someone has really thought things through", but on closer inspection I can't help thinking "why not just implement the model mbean interface?". JMX (even v1.0) has built in the concept of externalisable mbeans, through the model bean interface; and although Maxine can provide support for any mbean and therefore work with model mbeans it does not appear to use the facilities provided.

Maxine also only deals with the "configuration" usage scenario for JMX. Another common scenario is that of "monitoring" which is not directly covered by this kernel (although the Maxine config mbeans can be updated in this way).

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing your interest in my products! :)

I appreciate your comment on Maxine. Model MBean persistence is planned, but I'm pretty busy with the company project these days, so I cannot think about adding new features in my product for now. As time being, I'll work on Maxine to make it more usable.