Thoughtworks Crystallise Selenium

Selenium is a web based testing tool. It has been developed using standard JavaScript and uses test scripts that are themselves simple html pages, which has big implications for test management.

You define tests by writing a single html table with 3 columns, command, target and optionally value. The commands are what you might expect, doThis, checkThat style, but I did not see a 'sleep' command which might be useful for session management testing and customer acceptance tests (so they can watch).

Although you can operate setup/teardown activities and there is rudimentary support for continuous integration I think that a test generation tool would be a better way to manage the complexity of tests. For example, if you had a database of low level tests and setup activities then there is no reason why the test table provided to the JavaScript test engine could not be either generated from a database or spliced together on the fly by a test server.

Keep up the good work.

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