What's New In GNOME 2.8

1. New File Manager with an inversion of the relationship between the file manager and the applications. The apps now tell the file manager what they can cope with.
2. The Glider theme "wow...smooth...boring"
3. Keyboard layout previews, "does your keyboard look like this?" useful if you use a remote desktop in another country (as you do every day).
4. Panel Applet selector.
5. Calendar now integrated with Evolution
6. Network Monitor now does wifi monitoring.
7. A battery monitor that actually works.
8. Weather now supports the new UK forecasts, yet another topic of conversation on the train - "did you catch the Gnome forecast last night?", "yes its going to rain later", "yes". Just in time, I move to the UK next week.
9. Evolution 2.0 (the evolved one)
10. Epiphany desktop aware web browser
11. Built in VNC for big brothers
12. Unified system clock, network and user management tools
13. GUI for network analysis tools, hmmm...familiar
14. Configuration search, hmmmm...dangerous

See GNOME 2.8

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