Ready Set Go Document

The ReadySet project provides a useful resource of project templates. Born from academia, it is intended to be honed by industry professionals who are supposed to put the templates and checklists through their paces on a daily basis.

A nice idea, but is anyone really using them?


jason! said...

Sure, people definately use ReadySET. You can see on http://stats.tigris.org/ that ReadySET is download about 30 times each day. And, I've found dozens of publically accessible projects that are using them. One example is https://pide.dev.java.net/

Also, there is a professional version at http://www.readysetpro.com that has more content and shows quotes from companies using the templates.

jp187 said...

I am using the templates on two projects. I prefer the HTML over the Rational word docs.

I also use Forrest and JSPWiki for the same projects.

JSPWiki for collaboration and quick idea communication/development. When the information matures and settles, I am starting to move some of it to the Forrest docs.

I have also migrated some of the templates over to Forrest xml format.

I prefer either HTML or XML over the word docs or even OpenOffice because I find it easier to have them version controlled and part of my code repository and build process. But, that is how I like to do it.

Word docs in file shares or attachments somewhere == dead docs; little used; for posterity.