Bug Branch Training Scheme

I am about to change jobs, moving from one industry to another, and so I was looking around at fast knowledge acquisition techniques when an idea struck me. So I wrote Training By Bug Fixing as a proposal for a method of introducing new staff to a team or project.

The Bug Branch concept is simple. You create a branch off your current CM development and put back a number of recent bugs that have been fixed. You then get the new starters to fix those bugs all over again with the advice provided by the existing team members.

In my experience this kind of focused, shared experience is quite good at creating personal relationships and identifying relative strengths and weaknesses amongst staff. And it is those relationships that promote a good working environment, while the 'learn through play' aspect gives starters a faster introduction to the key areas than a 'read all about it' approach.

It is just a concept, but one I will try and follow up.

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