Something Old New Spammed Blue

The wedding between the internet and the real world is around about now. There has been an engagement for some time, and certainly in the world of computers it is time to grow up and take reponsibility. The teenage pranks are wearing thin and the elders are trying to persuade the internet to do more than just the paper round.

But is this realistic, is the internet and its involved application suite ready to settle down? Well my title is a metaphor [ignore my previous post it does not apply after a few cans of philosphical Jupiler] that compares the role of the internet applications to that of a husband or wife to be. The old is the history of the internet from which we have all moved on (even though some people still use dreamweaver), the new is what we have always thought the internet should be, the spammed is the way of life (much like borrowing) and the blue in the internet sense is still the most profitable business.

So why get married? Because it is time; it's not going to run away, it's not going to kill you, it's not going to change the world. But you will get a to have a say in the next generation of internet usage and application, even if it will always crash in your lifetime. And why not.

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