The PDDPd Project - processing grid

The PDDPd Project is a new grid like data processing daemon. It has quite good documentation unlike most first time releases. From what I have read the emphasis has been on easy administration which is very good from a usability point of view and where it probably improves on projects like JCGrid which has very similar functionality.

I would have preferred to see better task scheduling than just a wrapper around the Thread.sleep() method. The reasoning behind this is that threads use a great deal of VM resouce and if such a system were to scale multidimensionally it would need to make optimum use of the available threads. But because it is a wrapper, it should not be hard to implement something better. Ideally something like the event based techniques used by DIET Agents would give PDDPd that scalabiliy.

By the way French people might find the project name vaguely funny. Or was that the intention?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Paul (the PDDPd developer). Thanks for the post and the pointers. I'll try to research and incorporate your advice into a future release.

BTW, I don't speak French, so however the name happened to be funny was completely unintentional.